Jamel Mohamed is a classically trained painter from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently operating out of Seattle, Mohamed has been honing his artistic creativity and skill for most of his life. Deciding to be a painter at the early age of five, he delved into discovering beauty in the present moment as a source of comfort from the isolation and prejudice experienced throughout his youth. After graduating from Georgia State University in 2011 with a BFA in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking, Mohamed found himself in Asheville surrounded by the creative minds within the River Arts District. His works are influenced by his eclectic interests such as mindfulness practices, cosmology, and lucid dreaming. The reminder of being part of something larger than ourselves is an important, uplifting, and humbling ideal for Mohamed. In his fascination with metacognition, Mohamed is led to create expressive portraiture and surrealism that captures and embraces viewers.  For commissions inquiries, contact him via email.


Self Portrait; Age 28